Fully Integrated ERP

 Odoo is the best management software to run a company. Millions of happy users work better with our integrated Apps.

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All you need in a single software

One need, one app. Integration has never been so smooth

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Point of Sale

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Email Marketing

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Site Builder

Stop recording transactions manually

Track expenses and re-invoice them in batches. Synchronize every transaction with your stocks to keep your valuation up to date. Easily create invoices from Point of Sale transactions into Odoo Accounting. Automatically create project tasks from sales orders. 

No more painful integrations

With 10.000+ apps in, Odoo covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution: no more interfaces between different software required. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated to each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes..

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Human Resources for modern companies

Streamline your recruitment process. Index resumes, track applicants, and search profiles. Follow-up on employee development. Set-up appraisals and help your employees grow and evolve. Manage leave requests and employee allocations. Update calendars automatically. Get a full overview of employee expenses, streamline the approval process, and track all records.

Manufacturing Reinvented

A modern solution to an old problem. 

No more time clocking

Get accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measured on the workcenter control panel.

Realtime Communication

Display worksheets during operations, show alerts to workers based on quality or changes, etc.


MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM fully integrated

Shop floor automation

Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API

The manufacturing software Toyota loves.

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